5 General Things to Consider When Buying a Diesel Generator

2022-07-28 17:22

Diesel Generator

Starocean diesel generator will help you make the right choice for you or your business.

1 power

The first thing to consider when choosing a diesel generator set is power. We've previously written about the details of how to determine this consideration. In conclusion, to determine the power of your diesel generator set you need to determine the total Kva rating, or in other terms the load required for your use. Here, the right diesel generator will meet the requirements of running and operating a specific application. If the power of the diesel generator set is not suitable for the application, both overload and underload will greatly reduce the service life of the diesel generator.

It must also be considered whether the diesel generator set is used as a backup power source or as a main power source. The reason is that prime mover diesel generators are the main source of power generation, so maintenance and upkeep will be more frequent. Backup diesel generators are usually only activated when there is a power outage or power outage from the main grid. Backup diesel generators require longer intervals to be used than mains.


2 Compliance

It is important to know the rules and regulations in your country and where you plan to use diesel generators.

This is because different countries have different requirements and standards for diesel generators. These regulations specify emission standards and various restrictions for diesel generator sets. If you buy a diesel generator set that does not comply with these regulations, you could face serious fines. Fortunately, all Starocean diesel generator sets comply with national and international standards and regulations.

Many also contain several interconnected electrical components that also operate a feedback system. Diesel generators purchased from another country are difficult to service because diesel generator sets are constructed differently. It is even possible to put electrical coils in this place. Rewiring to the required standards can be a tedious process for most electricians.

Typically, standards require diesel generators to:

Based on 50 Hz frequency.

full load test

Test certificate and factory inspection.

Buying a Diesel Generator

3 Durability

Investing in a diesel generator set means you're likely to be using generators for years to come.

This means your diesel generator has to be durable and make sure it has the features you may need for the length of time you have it. Some important features to identify are latches, locks, and doors. The quality of these materials should be checked and observed for robustness and that they will not be affected by extreme wear and tear.

If these parts are not strong, they can be potentially dangerous. Diesel generators can be dangerous if they are built with low-quality parts. It is usually best to ask for a 2 minute test run of the diesel generator to make sure everything is aligned and the generator will operate as required.

Starocean diesel generator conducts trial run and pre-delivery inspection on all diesel generators to ensure customers receive quality products that meet customer requirements. Our parts are also industry leading, so you can rest assured knowing that the Starocean diesel generator is one of the most durable generator sets on the market.

4 Indoor/Outdoor Applications

Another key consideration when purchasing a diesel generator is its location.

If the diesel generator is placed outdoors, whether it is in a residential or commercial area, certain factors must be considered. For example, diesel generator sets must not be placed near the main entrance or lobby of a house, or anywhere near a public walkway. Noise and obstructions, while limited, may still be uncomfortable for passengers.

If the diesel generator is placed indoors, the room in which it is located should have certain parameters. The room should have a certain length, width and height, which varies according to the generator and its kVA rating. There must also be proper venting to ensure it does not contaminate the surrounding area or damage the surface on which it is placed.

5 Guarantee

The last thing to consider when buying a diesel generator is the warranty on the generator set. One pitfall many homeowners face is that they don't think about wear and maintenance. Parts and accessories required for diesel generator sets can become expensive if they are not covered under warranty.

If you're under warranty, you may receive these parts at a discounted price or even free.

In addition, it is important to know who the local representative of your diesel generator set original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is. You will most likely need regular maintenance by the representative, which is also covered by your warranty. If you prioritize travel costs, labor costs, and parts costs, out-of-warranty service can be seen as very expensive. It is also very expensive if you decide to give your diesel generator to your representative.

Starocean diesel generators offer an extensive warranty on all of our products. You must verify the length of the warranty and its coverage with the team member who purchased the diesel generator.

Diesel Generator

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