How to Choose a Generator Set?

2022-04-11 10:44

Starocean Diesel Power Generator Set:

In order to choose a generator set adapted to your needs, you must know the total power required by the equipment to be connected to it and the type of power supply (single-phase or three-phase). You will also need to determine if you need a mobile or stationary set. It will also be necessary to define the motor type, for example a gasoline engine if you are looking for a small compact generator set, a diesel engine if you are looking for a large generator set or a gas or turbine engine if this energy source is available and you want a more economical and less polluting set.

Starocean offers you 30kw-1600kw diesel generators.

Lastly you will need to define whether you need voltage regulation. This system smoothes the output voltage to avoid damaging the electronic equipment that will be connected to the generator set.

How to Choose a Generator Set?

Selection criteria:

Total power

Power supply

Motor type


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