200Kw 250Kw 300Kw Diesel Generator For Sale

200Kw 250Kw 300Kw Diesel Generator For Sale
Starocean diesel generator sets are manufactured with worldstandards, featuring high-quality engine cores, strong and stable output performance, lower fuel consumption, silent working conditions, and intelligent automatic controller operation.

150 kW 200kW kVA Towable Silent Diesel Generators For Sale

Diesel generator set is formed from a diesel engine, an alternator and a control system. It uses diesel as the main fuel and diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the alternator to generate electricity, yes, diesel generator set is an electrical device.
To meet the power needs of each customer from different market segments, we offer many kinds of products: Silent type diesel generator, Open type diesel generator, Towable type diesel generator, Marine type diesel generator, Container type diesel generator.

200Kw 150 Kw Generator 6 Kw Generator

With over 15 years of combined experience in the diesel genset industry, Our company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive power supply solutions from project planning and development, power generator selection, installation guidance and product maintenance, providing reliable power for various applications around the world, such as field construction, communications, medical security, road construction , mines, independent power stations and other projects.

Our product portfolio covers diesel generator sets from 2KVA to 3000KVA. Even small farms or large mining projects can find the right model for the perfect match, and whether you're using it for primary, continuous or backup diesel power generation, Starocean Genset has you covered.

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