• 100 Kva 100Kw MTU Generator Price
  • 100 Kva 100Kw MTU Generator Price
  • 100 Kva 100Kw MTU Generator Price
  • 100 Kva 100Kw MTU Generator Price
  • 100 Kva 100Kw MTU Generator Price

100 Kva 100Kw MTU Generator Price

Product origin:
Shandong, China
Delivery time:
2-7 days
Supply capacity:
200 sets per month
100 Kva 100Kw MTU Generator Price

High Quality:
Starocean diesel generator Manufactured with world-class standards, featuring high-quality engine cores, strong and stable output performance, lower fuel consumption, silent working conditions, and intelligent automatic controller operation.

Our Service:
Each diesel generator set we sell is inspected, tested, and ready for operation. From the initial inspection to completed delivery, we guarantee long term quality for your commercial and industrial applications.

Supply Capacity:
The average production cycle of our products is 5-10 days, and the monthly output is 500 sets. The factory has absolute strength to ensure product supply.



Starocean diesel generators

Standby Ratings


Prime Ratings





50Hz, 60Hz

Type of power supply

Three-phase, Single-phase

Brand Options

Engine for Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Weichai etc

Generator for Stamford, Marathon, Leroy Somer, Engga etc

Controller for ComAp, DSE Genset, Lixise, Smart Gen etc

Cooling system

Water-cooled, Air-cooled


Silent, Trailer, Container, Fully automatic etc


Can be customized. Contact Sylvia +86 15305369906 for more details

Remote protection system:

1. Remote control start and stop, to confirm whether there is human operation on site through video camera, which is safe and reliable. 

2. Where is my generator set? As long as there is network communication, you can know the generator set data and location anywhere in the world.

3. With the "Dashcam", every work order and every movement has a trace to follow. 

4. When a failure occurs, the unit will be diagnosed in 1 hour and the Black Box data will be transmitted to the manufacturer. The cloud plat for promises to quickly diagnose the fault in1 hour and solve the fault quickly in 7 hours. 

5. The historical operation records and the detailed data of each operation can be traced back to the past, which is Reasonable and well-founded. 

6. According to the usage time of the genset, dual maintenance reminds the user through the mobile phone APP and SMS to keep it in good condition at all times.

7. All-round examination, you are a professional "doctor". A comprehensive examination report of the genset is provided weekly to keep abreast of the health status of it. 

8. Through timely reminders of genset spare parts management and maintenance work, the unit health coefficient and operation stability are improved.

9. From the enterprise to the distributor and then to the user, unified management and integrated operation. 

10. Multiple ways to register. User name, mobile phone, and email registration are all available. 

11. It supports multiple languages and can be used in more than 40 language countries. 

12. Global map. Baidu Maps and Google Maps can satisfy global users.

100 kva generator price

100kw generator

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