• 2 Stroke 50 Kva Generator Genset For Sale
  • 2 Stroke 50 Kva Generator Genset For Sale
  • 2 Stroke 50 Kva Generator Genset For Sale
  • 2 Stroke 50 Kva Generator Genset For Sale
  • 2 Stroke 50 Kva Generator Genset For Sale

2 Stroke 50 Kva Generator Genset For Sale

Product origin:
Shandong, China
Delivery time:
2-7 days
Supply capacity:
200 sets per month
2 Stroke 50 Kva Generator Genset For Sale

Starocean Diesel Generation offers standby/emergency systems, multi–megawatt utility peaking facilities and sophisticated cogeneration applications.
For over 10 years, Starocean Diesel Generation has supplied a variety of reliable power for customers around the world. Starocean offers Open diesel generator type, Silent diesel generator type, Movable diesel generator type, Container diesel generator type, Full-automatic switch system etc.
Their diesel-powered generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 30kW-3650kW, customers can choose any big brand engine by themselves.
These clean modern diesels meet the demanding requirements for starting and powering loads within 10 seconds.

Diesel generators provide you with a more efficient machine that requires less upkeep than other fuel models. Diesel is a relatively inexpensive and easily obtainable fuel, and can sometimes be delivered on site. Diesel generators burn less fuel per Horsepower/hour as compared to gasoline generators, and the fuel itself is considered to be safer because it's less flammable.



Starocean diesel generators

Standby Ratings


Prime Ratings





50Hz, 60Hz

Type of power supply

Three-phase, Single-phase

Brand Options

Engine for Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Weichai etc

Generator for Stamford, Marathon, Leroy Somer, Engga etc

Controller for ComAp, DSE Genset, Lixise, Smart Gen etc

Cooling system

Water-cooled, Air-cooled


Silent, Trailer, Container, Fully automatic etc


Can be customized. Contact Sylvia +86 15305369906 for more details


1. Diesel engines are produced by Caterpillar in the United States and Rolls-Royce in the United Kingdom;

2. The engine adopts the latest European and American technology and high-strength wear-resistant materials to ensure first-class quality;

3. Low fuel consumption, stable performance, convenient maintenance, low operating cost and low emission;

4. Clean, quiet, and the noise level is maintained at the lowest level;

5. The engine can run for 6000 hours without trouble;

6. The engine is provided with a standard two-year warranty period, which highlights the manufacturer's absolute confidence in the durability and reliability of the machine.

StarOcean Diesel Generators Quality Assurance
Be 100% confident in the quality and safety of our products.

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