• 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price
  • 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price
  • 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price
  • 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price
  • 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price
  • 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price
  • 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price
  • 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price

20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price

Product origin:
Shandong, China
Delivery time:
2-7 days
Supply capacity:
200 sets per month
20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price

Starocean diesel generator is manufacturer and supplier of diesel generator set equipment worldwide, with over 20 years of experience. We're OEM customer of the well-known engine brands, we keep learn, obtain and apply the world's advanced production technology from them.
All diesel generator part are internationally renowned brands, better quality, easy maintaining and replace.

Diesel generator power range covers 3kVA-3000kVA in open type, Silent type, Movable type, Container type, variety of options to meet your power needs. Diesel generator applicated as primary, continuous or backup power solution.

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Open frame diesel generator set consists of diesel engine, generator, control system, starting system, cooling system and underframe.

 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price

Diesel engine:  Use diesel as fuel.Supercharged centrally controlled and intercooled diesel engine is used to drive the generator to run and generate current.

Alternator: Driven by a diesel engine, the energy generated by the combustion of fuel is converted into mechanical energy and transmitted to the alternator, which is then converted into electrical energy by the alternator.

Control System: It is used to control the start-up, shutdown, important parameter measurement, fault alarm, or shutdown protection of the generator.

Start the system: It‘s also called motor, which converts the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy and drives the engine flywheel to rotate to start the engine.

Underframe: It is used to fix the diesel generator set and dampen the shock of the diesel generator set during operation.

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silent generator

Suitable for power supply places with strict requirements on noise, such as laboratories, shopping malls, government departments, hospitals, etc.


Noise reduction level≤75dB(7m away from unit).

Diesel generators have built-in soundproof boxes and use special sound-absorbing materials

Adopts multilayer blocking impedance mismatch muffler structure and built-in large impedance muffler.

Silent diesel generator has compact structure and takes up little space.

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The mobile trailer generator set is easy to move and flexible to operate, and is widely used in construction sites, highway, railway construction and temporary locations where electricity is used.

 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price

Adopt leaf spring suspension structure, high strength and good rigidity.

There are doors and windows at the front and rear for easy ventilation, and there are doors on both sides for easy operation.

Suitable for tractors of various heights, with large turning angle and high mobility.

Equipped with handbrake, air brake, rear tail light and other systems, in line with road driving requirements.

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silent generator

ATS automation control cabinet is suitable for main and emergency power supply systems in important places, automatically switching the load circuit from one power supply to another (backup) power supply to ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads.


Dedicated switch for dual power switching, simple structure, safe and reliable.

Self-locking, fast switching speed (within 0.2s).

Equipped with overcurrent release with short circuit protection.

The working state of the monitored power supply can be detected. In the event of a fault, such as phase loss, undervoltage, voltage loss or frequency deviation, the switch body automatically switches from one power source to another.

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Our Factory:

Starocean generators founded in 2010, have been committed to design, development and manufacturer diesel generator sets for many years, integrating production, assembling, sales and maintenance service, located in Weifang City, China, as diesel generators manufacturing facility covered an area of 810,000 square feet employ approximately 150 workers and was built at a former diesel generator assemble factory with 15 years history.

We keep learn, obtain and apply the world's advanced production technology, established long-term cooperative relationship with brand enterprises such as CUMMINS, PERKINS, DEUTZ, DOOSAN, VOLVO, WEICHAI, STAMFORD, LEROY SOMER, MARATHON. And developed all types of diesel generator sets from 2Kva to 3000Kva, including standard open frame generator sets, super silent generator sets, containerized generator sets, marine generator sets, high voltage generator sets, mobile power stations, light tower, diesel welding generator, control system, synchronizing system, etc.

Certificated by ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, SGS, CCC. Starocean apply modernized management, producing facility, strong professional technical team, strict quality control system and testing instruments to ensure that each gensets can achieve best working conditions, with the oath of quality, professionalism, devotement, trustworthiness and responsible providing customers with top genset and perfect service in worldwide. 20kW-1800kW Silent Perkins Generator Price

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